Start now with electric driving in Amsterdam

Rent a brand new Hyundai IONIQ, without fixed costs for the lowest rates
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Up to 280 km per ride
Max.  €0,25 per minute

No hassle

The benefits of a car without the hassles of fuel, parking receipts or insurance
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Spacious and luxurious

Brand new and spacious electric cars: get to know the Hyundai IONIQ
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Easy to use

Use the app to find the nearest IONIQ, and start driving within minutes!
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Attractive pricing

Renting a car doesn't have to be expensive

How it works: You rent a car for a maximum of €0,25 per minute. No need to choose a rate before using the car, we will automatically calculate the best price for you based on the current rates. Simply book a car, open the car with your smartphone and start driving!
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The advantages of an IONIQ

Drive electric, a spacious car, long range and low rates

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Find a car, open the door with the app and drive away. It's that simple!

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