Updated general terms and conditions July 2018

Adjustment of the general conditions July 2018 and credit card as the only payment option for young people under 23 years.

IONIQ Car Sharing

July 19, 2018

We hereby let you know that we have made a change to the terms and conditions.

The so-called SVI, the Damage Insurance Passengers in Article 12.1, has been canceled. Compulsory insurance against civil liability in accordance with the Motor Insurance Liability Act (WAM) continues to apply. You can view the new general terms and conditions here. Furthermore, in accordance with what is customary in the industry, Credit Card is the only payment option for young people up to and including 23 years of age. Naturally, nothing changes to our services and the large IONIQs.

You can read the general terms and conditions in full at https://www.ioniqcarsharing.nl/algemene-voorwaarden-en